Mystery 101 - Playing Dead - 2019

Hallmark Entertainment - Murder Mystery Movie
Director: Blair Hayes

Feels Like Home - aka Heart Of Texas - 2019

Hallmark Entertainment
Director: Richard Gabai

The Wrong Man - 2018

Hallmark Entertainment - The Chronicles Mysteries 2
Director: Terry Ingram

Bramble House Christmas

Hallmark Entertainment
Director: Steven R. Monroe

Summer in the Vineyard

Hallmark Entertainment
Director: Martin Wood

Love Finds It’s Way

Hallmark Entertainment
Director: Gary Harvey

A Fool and his Honey: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery

Hallmark Entertainment
Director: Kevin G. Fair

Dead Over Heels: Aurora Teagarden Mystery

Hallmark Entertainment
Director: Terry Ingram

Autumn in the Vineyard

Hallmark Entertainment
Director: Scott Smith

Finding Father Christmas

Hallmark Entertainment
Director: Terry Ingram

The Julius House Aka Aurora 4

Hallmark Entertainment
Director: Terry Ingram

Real MVP: The Wanda Pratt Story

Director: Nelson George

Bridge 2

Hallmark Entertainment
Executive Producers: Dan Angel, David Rosemont, Kim Arnott
Producer: Trish Dolman
Director: Mike Rohl
Distributer: Gaylyn Fraiche

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Hallmark Entertainment
Executive Producer: Howard Braunstein
Producer: Christian Bruyere
Director: David Winning

Christmas Note

Hallmark Entertainment
Executive Producer: Shawn Willamson
Producers: Jamie Goehring, Kevin Leslie
Director: Terry Ingram

Santa’s Gift

Executive Producer: Shawn Willamson
Producer: Jamie Goehring
Director: Terry Ingram

A Girls Best Friend

(formally Polka-Dot and Luey)
UP Network
Producer/PM: Christian Bruyere
Director: Terry Ingram
Starring: Lilah Fitzgerald, James Denton and Laura Mennell

Nominated Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, 2015 Leo Awards.

My Boyfriends’ Dogs

Executive Producers: Howard Braunstein, Marcy Gross, Ann Weston
Producer: Christian Bruyere
Director: Terry Ingram
Starring: Erica Christensen, “Adam" the Golden Retriever

So You Said Yes

Hallmark Entertainment
Supervising Producer: Jonathan Schwartz
Producer: Robert Lee
Director: Christie Will Wolf
Featuring: Kellie Martin, Chad Willett, Jennifer Dale

Deacons for Defense - 2003

Producers: Nick Grillo, Mark Anthony Little, Robert Rehme
Director: Bill Duke
Actors: Forest Whitaker, Chris Britton, Jonathan Silverman

Empty Cradle - Movie of The Week - 2013

Lifetime Channel
Executive Producer: Shawn Williamson Dan Paulson.
Producer: Jamie Goehring, Kevin Leslie, Kevin Leeson
Director: Terry Ingram

Featuring Laura Mennell, Larisa Oleynik

Hats off to Christmas - Movie of The Week - 2013

Hallmark Entertainment
Executive Producers: Shawn Williamson, Dan Paulson
Producer: Jamie Goehring, Kevin Leslie, Kevin Leeson
Director: Terry Ingram

Featuring Haylie Duff, Antonio Cupo

Good Mistress - Movie of The Week - 2013

Lifetime Channel
Executive Producer: Dan Paulson, Shawn Williamson
Producers: Jamie Goehring, Kevin Leslie, Kevin Leeson
Director: Terry Ingram

Featuring Annie Heise, Kendra Anderson, Antonio Cupo

Profile For Murder - Movie of The Week - 2013

Producers: Shawn Willamson, Don Paulson, Jamie Goehring
Director: Terry Ingram
Actors: Nicki Aycox, Steve Bacic, Cameron Bancroft, Ona Grauer

The Marine: Homefront - Feature to DVD - 2013

Producers: Richie Lowell, Marc Bienstock (Executive Producers), Michael Luisi (Producer), Chris Foss (Co-Producer/PM)
Director: Scott Wiper
Actors: Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, Neal McDonough, Camille Sullivan, Ashley Bell

A Christmas Miracle - Feature to DVD - 2012

Producers: Jack Nasser (Executive Producer), Janeen Durey (Supervising Producer), Tara Cowell-Plain (Line Producer)
Director: Terry Ingram
Actors: Allison Hossack, Aaron Pearl, Dan Payne, David Nykl, Lori Triolo, Siobhan Williams, Randal Edwards

Flicka 3 - Country Pride - Feature to DVD - 2012

Producers: Janeen Damian (Executive Producer), Connie Dolphin
Director: Michael Damian
Actors: Kacey Rohl, Lisa Hartman, Clint Black, Siobhan Williams, Max Lloyd-Jones

Marley and Me: “The Puppy Years” - Feature to DVD

Producers: Connie Dolphin, Janeen Damian, Tom Segriest, Fox
Director: Michael Damian
Actors: Travis Turner, Donnelly Rhodes, Merrilyn Gann

Flicka 2 - Feature to DVD

Producers: Connie Dolphin, Janeen Damian, Tom Segriest, Fox
Director: Michael Damian
Actors: Tammin Sursok, Patrick Warburton

Nominated Best Photography

George Lopez Presents - Mr. Troop Mom

Producers: George & Ann Lopez, Jon Kuyper, Frank Pace
Director: Bill Dear
Actors: George Lopez

Long Island Confidential - HDTV format (Disney/ABC pilot)

Producers: Kevin Brown, Jan Oxenberg
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Actors: Alison Elliott, Jeffery Pierce, Lorraine Bracco, Ruben Santiago-Hudson

Dr. Dolittle. First Dog - HDTV format

Producers: John Davis, Brian Manis, Connie Dolphin
Director: Craig Shapiro
Actors: Kyla Pratt, Peter Coyote

Evel - HDTV Format - 2004

Producers: Mel Gibson, Michael Jaffe, Howard Braunstein, Clara George, Nancy Cotton
Director: John Badham
Actors: George Eds

Footsteps - HDTV Format - 2003

Producers: FOX/CBS, Ken Raskoff, Ginny Jones Duzax
Director: John Badham
Actors: Candice Bergen, Bryan Brown

Obsessed - 2002

Producers: Lifetime Channel, Barbara Lieberman, Lynn Raynor, Phil Kleinbart, Irene Litinsky
Director: John Badham
Actors: Jenna Elfman

My Brothers Keeper - 2001

Producers: New Line Cinema USA, Guy McElwaine, Justis Green, Jayne Bieber
Director: John Badham
Actors: Jeanne Tripplehorn

Due South. The Movie

Allaince Entertainment
Director: Fred Gerber

The Sweetest Gift

Producers: Showtime, Temple Hut.
Director: Stuart Margolin
Actors: Diahnn Carroll, Helen Shaver, Kristin Fairlie

Coming Unglued

Producers: Pebblehut Productions
Director: Fred Gerber

TV Series

Runaway - HDTV format

Producers: Darren Star, Chad Hodge, Ed Zuckerman, Dana Baratta, Lynn Raynor
Director: Various
Actors: Donnie Wahlberg, Leslie Hope, Dustin Milligan, Sarah Ramos, Nathan Gambie

Lonesome Dove - Period

Producers: RHI, De Passe Entertainment, Rysher Entertainment, Telegenics
Director: Various

Gemini Award, Best Photography

The X-Files - Two Episodes

Producers: Fox Entertainment, Chris Carter, Bob Goodwin, Rob Bowman.

Dead Man’s Gun

Producers: Showtime, MGM, Sugar Ent
Directors: Various

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Producers: Disney
Directors: Various

The Immortal - Canada/Czech Republic

Producer: Peacearch-Hilltop
Directors: Various


Producers: CTV, Alliance Entertainment
Directors: Various

Secret Service - Pilot

Producers: NBC, Grosso-Jacobson
Director: Gil Shilton

Top Cops

Producers: CBS, Grosso-Jacobson
Directors: Gil Shilton, Various


Producers: Quintina Productions, Wendy Grean
Director: Various

War Of The Worlds

Producers: Paramount Pictures, Triumph Entertainment
Directors: Various

True Stories

Producers: USA, Paragon Entertainment
Director: Michael Robison

Clark Brothers - Presentation

Producers: Warner Brothers, Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno, Sherman Halsey, Elliot Friedgen
Director: Mel Damski

TV Specials

Now The Bells Ring

Director: Ron Stannett
CTV Network

Nominated for Gemini Award, Best Photography

Flying on Her Own

Director: Ron Stannett
CTV Network

Gemini Award, Best Photography

Creative Spirit

CTV Network
CSC Award, Best Photography


IRA - March of Newry

History of the Middle East

Israel: Life on the kibbutz, Living on the boarder, Hebron

The New Europeans

Jean Vanier - Images of Love … Words of Hope

The Making of… Opera, Ballet, Theatre

Window on the World. Grains of Conflict: India - The Pacific Rim: Japan

Five Portraits of Canada

Heritage Canada: The French, The Scots, The Irish