Hallmark Films

Autumn in the Vineyard

Director: Scott Smith

Finding Father Christmas

Director: Terry Ingram

The Julius House Aka Aurora 4

Director: Terry Ingram

Bridge 2

Executive Producers: Dan Angel, David Rosemont, Kim Arnott
Producer: Trish Dolman
Director: Mike Rohl
Distributer: Gaylyn Fraiche

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Executive Producer: Howard Braunstein
Producer: Christian Bruyere
Director: David Winning

Christmas Note

Executive Producer: Shawn Willamson
Producers: Jamie Goehring, Kevin Leslie
Director: Terry Ingram

My Boyfriends’ Dogs

Executive Producers: Howard Braunstein, Marcy Gross, Ann Weston
Producer: Christian Bruyere
Director: Terry Ingram
Starring: Erica Christensen, “Adam" the Golden Retriever

So You Said Yes

Supervising Producer: Jonathan Schwartz
Producer: Robert Lee
Director: Christie Will Wolf
Featuring: Kellie Martin, Chad Willett, Jennifer Dale

Hats off to Christmas - Movie of The Week - 2013

Executive Producers: Shawn Williamson, Dan Paulson
Producer: Jamie Goehring, Kevin Leslie, Kevin Leeson
Director: Terry Ingram

Featuring Haylie Duff, Antonio Cupo